Language Bank

  • Translation Services – Translation or verification of the translation of personal, education and employment documents
  • Interpretation services – Interpreters are provided to courts, police, hospitals, schools, government departments, social service agencies and any other service in the community requiring help in communicating with clients
  • Notary Public Services – includes notarization of signatures and copies of original documents as well as preparation of invitations to visit, simple powers of attorney, permissions to travel and statutory declarations.
  • Interpreter’s Training – An introduction to Interpreting is a basic course provided free of charge to interpreters in the Language Bank.This is a 14 week course covering all aspects of interpreting including the role of the interpreter, cultural bridging, basic legal, medical and social service interpreting, specific vocabulary, ethics and professionalism. A large part of every class is spent role playing to enhance interpreter skills.A follow-up course specifically dealing with interpretation within the legal system is currently being developed. This will be completed within the coming year and will be offered to those who have participated in the basic program.

    Plans are in the works to also develop and offer a course in interpreting within the medical system.

  • All services all provided free of charge to landed immigrants who have been in Canada for less than three years
  • A nominal fee is charged to those who are in Canada on a temporary visa or who have been in Canada for more than three years