Language Bank FAQ

Is there a fee for Language Bank service?

If you are a permanent resident (landed immigrant) who has been in Canada for less than three years, there is no fee for Language Bank Service.

If you are in Canada on a temporary visa, or have been in Canada for more than three years you will be charged a fee for service. You may call for information regarding the fees for service as they vary with amount and type of service requested.

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How long will it take to complete my translation or verification of translation?

The majority of files are completed within 2-3 weeks.

When will my Invitation to Visit be ready to pick up?
Invitations to Visit are ready on the next business day. You must bring identification documents, containing your signature (driver’s licence, PR card, citizenship card or passport etc.), when you come to sign.

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How long must I wait for notary public services?

Most notary public services are provided on a first come – first served basis and are completed within 15 – 30 minutes of your arrival at the International Centre.
In the case of photocopies of original documents, the length of waiting time is dependent upon the number of copies requested.

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How can I register for the Introduction to Interpreting course?

The course is only offered to volunteer interpreters registered with the Language Bank of the International Centre.

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How can I become a volunteer with the Language Bank?

If you are fluent in English and another language and have some time available, you are welcome to register as a volunteer interpreter/translator. If interested in this opportunity, please contact the Manager of Language Services to arrange for an appointment.

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What do I need to do to invite someone to come to Canada for a visit?

You will need to send an Invitation to Visit.  The visa offices request specific information be included in the invitation, including your name address, telephone number, date of birth, status in Canada and occupation.  You need to also detail information about the person or people you are inviting including their name(s), birth date(s), address, telephone number, reason for the trip, length of  the planned stay in Canada and when he (she, they) plan to return home.  You will need to sign the invitation in front of a Notary Public.  A photocopy of the document specifying status in Canada and a letter verifying employment and stating your salary must be sent with the Invitation to Visit.


Invitations to Visit can be prepared at the International Centre.  The form is available HEREand also at the front desk, and need to be completed.  The actual invitation is prepared from this form and will be ready for your signature and notarization the next business day.