Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to study in Manitoba?

If you have status in Canada (Convention Refugee, Landed Immigrant, Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen) then you can study English as a Second Language or high school courses free, or for a very low cost.  However, post-secondary studies (college or university) are not free.  These courses usually cost several thousands of dollars for each year of study.

If I am studying in Manitoba on a student visa, what financial help is available to me?

Visa students are responsible for paying for their own education.  They are not eligible for Manitoba student loans or other government assistance.

What level of English do I need to study at college or university?

For most college or university level courses, you should be at a level 8 on the Canadian Language Benchmarks.  As well, universities usually ask you to pass the TOEFL or CanTest before they will accept you into their programs.

How can I get my education documents from my country recognized in Manitoba?

 This depends on many things: what level of education you finished in your country, your profession or occupation, and whether you want to work or study in Canada.  The Adult Education Officer at the International Centre can answer your individual questions, either by phone or email.